History of Proppert Solutions GmbH & Pharma-Labor Yvonne Proppert GmbH



Pharma-Labor GmbH was established by the Proppert family as a service provider for the pharmaceutical industry with three major business areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Laboratory Services for Quality Control
  • Regulatory Services

Since 1988, the company has been owned and managed by Yvonne Karmann-Proppert, licensed pharmacist.

1984 - 2004

From 1984 to 2004, Pharma-Labor GmbH provided its services exclusively to Pharma-Zentrale GmbH, Ardeypharm GmbH and BBT Biotech GmbH, a medium-sized group of pharmaceutical manufacturers also owned by the Proppert family. The group operates in Europe, Asia and North America, manufacturing and distributing Rx and OTC products, especially biologicals (probiotics and peptide hormones) and herbal medicinal products.


On behalf of the group, Pharma-Labor GmbH was responsible for all activities related to Research & Development, Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs.


Pharma-Labor GmbH expanded its client base and has been focused on providing consulting services and customised solutions to other pharmaceutical companies since 2004.


Since 2010, Yvonne Karmann-Proppert has been managing Pharma-Labor GmbH together with her son Maximilian Proppert, licensed pharmacist and M.Sc. in Health Economics.


2015 Since 2015, our pharmaceutical services have been provided under the brand Proppert Solutions GmbH.



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