Pharma-Labor Yvonne Proppert GmbH

Yvonne Karmann-Proppert & Maximilian Proppert
Lisensed pharmacists & Managing Directors


Contact persons

Maximilian Proppert

Licensed Pharmacist

Managing Director in charge of pharmaceutical services.

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Yvonne Karmann-Proppert

Licensed Pharmacist

Managing Director in charge of Business Development consulting.

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Njelle Fonkeu-Nkwadi

Contact person for: Pharmacovigilance, Medicine


Dr. rer. nat. Florian Engel

Contact person for: Pre-Clinical development, Toxicology

Markus Jäger
Licensed Pharmacist

Contact person for: Quality & Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics

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Tobias Rödel
Computer scientist (Dipl.-Inf.)

Contact person for: Process optimisation consulting, Information Management

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